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Our pool consists of 1 producer and 2 relays servers which are geographically diverse to offer you an extra layer of redundancy. Even if there is an issue with the datacenter or even the country one of the relays is hosted, the second one will always be online and connected to the Cardano network.

Reasons To Delegate

  • Cardano was created from a team of international scientists all over the world
  • Cisco report estimates 10% of global GDP will be stored on blockchains by 2027
  • 5 Year Research and continuing


  • Relay Server two different countries France and Poland
  • Dedicated Server
  • 24*7*365
  • Ubuntu 20.04 for Relays 
  • Monitor/Alerting if the server fails


  • We are here for you and the community ask a question. 
  • Margin fee 1%
  • 5% per year interest
  • Top Ten crypto
  • Security
  • Unstake any time

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Two relay servers Poland and France.

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No third party.
100% secure.

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5% percent per year.
Margin Fee 1%

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25K₳ Pledge for the time being.

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